Holland Paper Biennial

The seventh Holland Paper Biennial will be on show in the Museum Rijswijk andCODA Apeldoorn.

The Holland Paper Biennial 2008 consists of an exhibition of work by international paper artists in both museums and a publication entitled Pure Paper. As has become customary, a book and paper shop will be open for the duration of the exhibition in Museum Rijswijk and the traditional paper fair will take place on Sunday 14 September from 13.00 till 17.00. For more information, please be referred to the pressrelease.

The work of 27 international paper artists will be on show at the 2008 Holland Paper Biennial. In Museum Rijswijk a wide selection of pieces by 22 artists will be presented in all the exhibition rooms, while the CODA Apeldoorn will be exhibiting the monumental work and installations of 21 artists:

Museum Rijswijk:
Patrica Hodson (England), Kakuko Ishii (Japan), Yu-Mi Kim (South Korea), Jin-Woo Lee (South Korea), Chris Natrop (United States), Maya Portner (Hawaii)

Both museums:
CÚlio Braga (Netherlands/Brazil), Long-Bin Chen (Taiwan/United States), Nancy Cohen (United States), Petra Ellert (Germany), Claudie Hunzinger (France), Nikki van Es (Netherlands), Angela Glajcar (Germany), Joan Hall (United States), Winifred Lutz (United States), Richard Mens (Netherlands), Oskar (Netherlands), Stefan Saffer (Germany), Lyndi Sales (South Africa), Ivano Vitali (Italy), Annette Wimmershoff (Germany), Noriko Yamaguchi (Japan/Germany)

CODA Apeldoorn:
Ed Pien (Taiwan/Canada), Georgia Russell (England), Annette Sauermann (Germany), Howard Silverman (England/United States), Ferry Staverman (Netherlands)

Opening times Museum Rijswijk: during the Holland Paper Biennial 2008

Tuesday to Sunday 12.00-17.00, closed Mondays

Opening times CODA Museum:

Tuesday - Friday 10-17.30
Saturday 10.00-17.00
Sunday 13.00-17.00
closed Mondays


Museum Rijswijk
Herenstraat 67
2282 BR Rijswijk
The Netherlands

CODA Apeldoorn
Vosselmanstraat 299
7311 CL Apeldoorn
The Netherlands